Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinterest: Shrimp Pasta with Tomatoes, Lemon and Spinach

So last night Brandon and I made our first Pinterest meal together: Shrimp Pasta with Tomatoes, Lemon and Spinach.  I was particularly excited about this because for a long time Brandon was convinced he was allergic to shellfish.  I had told him time and again that what he experienced was food poisoning but after being that sick, nothing was changing his mind.  I took matters into my own hands - over the last couple years I have been secretly feeding Brandon shellfish.  Now before you jump to judgment, it started innocently.

We had ordered Chinese food for dinner and we ordered extra egg rolls.  I didn't know the egg rolls had shrimp in them.  Brandon had eaten 3 or 4 and there was one left.  We cut it in the half and the cutest little shrimp fell out.  I immediately pushed it into my half and said nothing.  I just waited to see what would happen.  I told Michelle about my unintentional poisoning so someone else was aware as well.  Twenty minutes went by. Forty minutes went by. Nothing. The whole night went by and nothing - he was fine.  So then I would feed him shellfish in little amounts carefully watching his reaction.  I would give him Maryland crab soup - telling him it was chicken - he loved it. Finally, Brandon got the nerve to just try it, on his own.  He didn't get sick.  Since that time, we have learned that Brandon likes crab cakes and crab dip and he likes fried shrimp.  All this made me so much more excited to have him try a nice shrimp pasta dinner.
Seriously - how good does this look?!
 The dinner was really simple to make.  Saute some garlic, add some halved cherry tomatoes, add the shrimp then the cooked pasta, toss in some spinach and boom. You're done. 
How friggin' cute is my husby cooking dinner? :)

Somehow my picture doesn't look as good as the original pinterest picture, but whatever - it was delicious anyway.  The recipe calls for basil, and I used more basil than was required, but we didn't really taste the basil which was a let down.  I wish I had used more garlic than I did, as does Brandon. The meal was light and the lemon was really refreshing.  Brandon was not impressed with the shrimp - but he also expects to be seriously wowed every time he has shrimp now. 

Overall Grade:
Brandon - C             Tori - B+