Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinterest: Healthy Chicken Salad

So this weekend, Brandon and I did our pinterest meal on Saturday and used it again on Sunday.  I love this chicken salad.  It's so fresh and so simple.
First you boil a couple of chicken breasts (see SO simple), then shred the chicken.  Add a little cumin, salt, fresh cilantro and lime juice.  We also added garlic and pepper too - those are staple spices in our house.  Then we added an entire jar of fresh salsa, some diced green and red peppers and some onion.  YUMMO!
 First we ate the chicken salad right out of the bowl.  Brandon said the chicken salad almost tasted like Chipotle.  Mission accomplished.  Then we added some sour cream to some of it and ate it on chips - YUM.  The next day, I put some on a toasted egg bagel with some avocado and danggg it was good.  Then yesterday afternoon, Brandon made nachos with it.  HOLY MOLY - this stuff is legit.  Those were the best, healthiest nachos I have ever eaten.  They were so light and so delicious.
Tonight, we put it over lettuce and had it as salad.  I am telling you this recipe is so dang versatile and so dang delicious.
Brandon - A+
Victoria - A+