Thursday, December 6, 2012

Evan to the Rescue

You know the great part about having a brother-in-law that you are close with?  Having a yes man.  I come up with ridiculous ideas, ideas that Brandon isn't so crazy about or is intimidated by and Evan just says yes.  He always says that we can make it work.  For example, a couple months ago I said I wanted to move things around upstairs in what was the office.  I said I wanted the bookcases out, the desk gone, and I wanted to make it into a little tv/guest room.  Brandon, my loving husby, dragged his feet on this project.  What were we going to do with the bookcases?  Where was the desk going to go? Where was the file cabinet going to go? I did not have any answers to his questions, I just wanted what I wanted and he wanted no part of it.  Can't really blame the guy, I guess.  Evan came down, I mentioned it to him and next thing I know I have an empty room (thanks in huge part to Evan taking the desk home with him) and I am trying to figure out where I want to put a day bed. 

Pinterest has been the death of Brandon.  I see something, I want that something, I figure out a way to make it work.  He isn't too upset about the homecooked meals or sweet treats that result from Pinterest finds, but home projects - he wants to kill me.  And if you're on Pinterest, you know how many home project and redecorating ideas you can find.  I found a project I wanted to do.  There was this farm house that cut a door in half so they had an open doorway, but not.  I loved it.  Brandon loved it, but second guessed himself.  Brandon tends to second guess himself and then be REALLY good at whatever the project is.  It's annoying.  He is really good at, like, everything.  Evan, on the other hand, Evan said it could be done.  The man has an ego that is as big as his appetite and, let me tell you, the boy can eat.  He never seems to second guess himself.  Put the two of them together and they are this crazy unstoppable polock team.  So, Brandon and Evan put their little polock heads together on this half door project and now I have the COOLEST half door ever.  Now whenever a little Wilkinson comes along there will be no need to buy a baby gate for the top of the stairs going into the basement.  Seriously - my husby and brother-in-law rock.

See that attention to detail - the painting of the squares to match the lower half of the wall.  That was my brilliant husby's idea.  See - the man that second guessed himself ending up hitting the nail on the head.  It's so typical of him.  That same weekend, I said I wanted a bookcase.  Well, I guess I said it before the weekend came.  I sent Evan a text asking him if making this bookcase, or one like it, would be possible. 
At Pottery Barn, that second bookcase retails for almost $300.  Seriously, I am not kidding - look it up for yourself.  I asked Evan for that bookcase because I was not about to spend $300 on the perfect corner bookcase.  Thankfully, my yes man came through again.  Brandon and Evan again put their heads together and yet again I ended up with something wonderful: a custom hand-made bookcase.  Seriously - I am so spoiled.

Today, Brandon put the finishing touches on the bookcase and now it sits in it's forever home.  
I am completely 100% obsessed with it.  It is absolutely stunning and it looks perfect. Eat your heart out, Pottery Barn.