Saturday, January 14, 2012

blessed with friends

I have been very lucky in that every job I have held, I have worked with the most amazing people.  At Girl Scouts, I was blessed with a pretty random group of girls.  We all came from different walks of life and while some of us had a common thread here and there, we were all very different, yet very much the same.  If you would have told me that I would have been friends with someone like Sarah Ruth, I would have laughed.  I had never met anyone like her before, and if I had then I hadn't given them a chance.  If you had told me that I would have been friends with someone like Hadley, I would have believed you - after all, I went to an all-girls high school - but if you had told me that I would have become as close I am with Hadley, I don't know that I would have believed it. Carrie, Nikki, Lindsey, and Laura were all girls that we so different than the group of girls I was friends with in high school and in college - but they hold a special place in my heart.

When I moved on to Shady Grove Fertility, I was worried that I wouldn't find that same little family feel.  I was very wrong.  I have met some really wonderful people in my almost two years at Shady Grove and while some people have come and gone, I have found some of the ones who plan to stick around for awhile and I am pretty happy about that :)