Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 - a year in review

2011 was one hell of a year.  Let's review:

January - we entered the year of the wedding, eek! We sipped and scanned at Macy's while Dad and Liz got settled in Florida.

February - We celebrated one year of being engaged.  Kyle was diagnosed with leukemia and we made a decision as a family to be strong, stand united together, face this challenge with our head's held high and kick cancer's ass.

March - My friend Nydra welcomed her baby Noelle into the world! And, in a similar fashion, Brandon and I brought home Patsy Rose :)
ok... so she's 3 months old in this picture - deal with it :)

April - and after two sleepless, stressful, emotionally draining weeks we lose her to respiratory pneumonia. Three days later, against Brandon's wishes, we welcome little Gemma Danielle to the family. We went to Rolling Rock and saw all of our Lyco bests.  Then I closed out the month by getting my wisdom teeth out.

May - I had the wedding dress disaster from hell.  Michelle saved the day and bought my wedding dress (and then set up a payment plan - come on people, did we really not see that one coming?!).  We closed out May, in the best way, with Danielle and Justin getting married Memorial Day Weekend :) 

June - We hit 100 days until the wedding (and I received a wonderful surprise from Mrs. Dixon to celebrate the milestone!). We went on a dinner cruise and my parents celebrated 29 years of marriage.  We sent out wedding invitations and I celebrated one year with Shady Grove Fertility.

July - This one was one hell of a month.  I worked a lot of weekends, celebrated a lot of birthdays, went to a couple weddings and I found out I was going to be an aunt. Whoa.

August - Another big month for us.  We spent the first weekend in New Jersey, I spent the second weekend in Maine/New Jersey, and the third weekend was my bachelorette party (I still struggle drinking 7 & 7s) and my bridal shower. Phew! What a month!

September - Oh you know, Brandon, TJ, Michelle and I spent the first weekend of the month winery hopping, my co-workers had a bridal shower for me and then um, you know, I became a wife and went to Myrtle Beach for a week with my HUSBAND and felt like death the entire time, but I caught a shark or five when we went fishing :)

October - Little baby Hailee graced the world thanks to Jeanette and Kern.  Brandon and I made it to the big 2-5. We participated in the Light the Night walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and we celebrated Michelle and TJ's engagement (better late than never!). 

November - My cousin Amanda got married 11-11-11 at 11:11. Not kidding.  And we celebrated veteran's day with one of our favorite veterans, Kyle.  My nephew was born on November 14th (yep... only 4 months after we found out he even existed).  We went to the Redskins game with Haufe, Sye and Terra; of course, they lost.  We spent Thanksgiving down the shore in New Jersey and it was wonderful.

December - We took the kids to have their picture with Santa, put an offer on a house, had a Holy Child reunion and waited to hear from the bank... 

and we're still waiting...