Friday, December 30, 2011

we want s'more

Another one written and never posted.  This one is from December 4th... Maybe I don't suck at blogging as much as I thought I did. I just suck at the posting part... :) 

Saturday we had most of the bridesmaids from Michelle and TJ's wedding over to go over wedding details, dates and important information.  It was my attempt to get everyone on the same page and, in my opinion, it was quite successful.  Brandon was wonderful as always and he made grilled cheese and tomato soup for everyone.  Saturday morning, I got up and I made s'mores cupcakes for the event.  

To make the cupcakes, you start with the graham cracker crust.  Generally when these are made, you have the graham cracker crust and right before you bake the crust, you add some pieces of chopped chocolate to melt onto the crust.  When I make mine - I put the chocolate in the crust so that the bottom of the cupcake is graham cracker and chocolatey. 
my new obsession: our ninja

After baking them, I make the chocolatey cupcake portion.

 Then comes my least favorite part about making these cupcakes.  The frosting.  I tried to cheat this time and buy marshmallow fluff, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the dang store.  So I was stuck making my own marshmallow topping - which is time consuming and required muscles.  Muscles that I don't use often and am stilling feeling today.  Thank God for Michelle stepping in to help me!

 Once the marshmallow topping has been whipped and gorgeous peaks form - we frosted the cupcakes.  Then my favorite part about making these cupcakes comes in - taking a torch to the frosting to give it that roasted marshmallow look. Yummo.  Then I personally like to add a little piece of a Hershey's bar to the cupcake to give it that final touch.
Hello Domestic Goddess.