Tuesday, December 20, 2011

House Hunting 101

Brandon and I began our hunt for a red October... I mean a house, back in July.  We got our pre-approval letter from the bank, we got set up with a realtor, we found a new realtor, we met with said realtor, and we began getting countless emails with listing after listing of houses, townhouses, condos, land in which we could potentially build a house, land in which a house was going to be built, etc., we fired said realtor for being a flake and almost gave up hope.  In walks Mike Hansell, the most fabulous realtor I have ever met in my life.  Then, two weeks later, after months of looking at houses online, arguing about the value of a backyard vs being in a condo, arguing about getting rid of the dogs to potentially be in a condo, arguing about who would take Hank out if we lived in a condo, arguing about what is actually important in a house (seriously - two bathrooms is necessary, I know what I am talking about, I have sisters), arguing about arguing, and going to see houses, townhouses, and condos on cold/rainy/gross/ugly days - we have found the one.

Do you know how I can be so sure it's the one?  I loved it even when the weather was shi... I mean, bad.  Last Wednesday we wanted to make sure it was the one (first time we saw it, I loved it; second time Brandon loved it), so we went back to visit the house again (third time is a charm?).  Brandon was able to leave school after his last student went home, I took the afternoon off work and TJ (resident handy-man whom we wanted to have check the house out with us to make sure there wasn't any damage we were missing/problems too expensive to want to get involved with) was home sick and able to join us (clearly, this was meant to be).  We met up with Mike (this man is FABULOUS, seriously!) and we looked at the house again. TJ said he didn't see any red flags, which meant the same thing to me as it did to Brandon.  We needed to put an offer in and we needed to do it ASAP.

So, very exciting news for the Wilkinsons, we put our offer in on the house.  Then just days later the sellers agreed to our terms. Then last night we got the fabulous news from Mike: We are under contract :)  Hell yes.  

...and now we wait for the bank. Ugh.