Wednesday, December 28, 2011

home hunting with husby

Apparently I wrote this post in early December and never posted it... I have decided I should probably post it for everyone's reading pleasure... enjoy :)

There comes a time in every young bird's life when it needs to leave the nest.  Even if the nest has become less of a nest really since the little bird's parents decided to leave the nest first and the nest has become more of a rented room in the once nest that was purchased by the bird's older... Ok, ya know what? That analogy is getting a little out of hand.  Let's put it in real people terms: Brandon and I have started to really look at houses and are ready to buy a home and start a truly newly married happily ever after life settling into a place where we can raise our puppies.  Because, let's face it, Hank and Gemma are growing up too quickly.
On a more serious note - Brandon and I met with our new realtor today, Mike, to look at houses.  He is wonderful.  I really like him. He seems to actually listen to what we want which is quite refreshing since the last realtor, Betsy, clearly did not listen to anything we had to say.  That woman had her own agenda and no part of it included finding Brandon and me a home, but was much more focused on finding her a big fat commission. 

Oh well, it looks like it's time for this little birdy to... Oh forget it.