Thursday, December 29, 2011

goodbye maiden name, hello wilkinson

Well, it's official.  I am a Wilkinson. It has been hell to make this change and not just to make the change to Wilkinson but to then fix EVERYTHING related to being me.

Our home loan was done in my maiden name. Our buyers contract on the house was done in Wilkinson before I was a Wilkinson.  So I had to make sure that I was a Wilkinson before we go to settlement... We are going to go to settlement one day, aren't we?  Anyways, trying to sort out this name change ish has been ridiculous.  I am pretty sure my head has sprout about 10 new gray hairs while I was sorting.  (Also, I am going to put Brandon on blast here.  He told me the other day that I will have to dye my hair if I get too many more grays because gray hair on a woman is extremely unattractive.  Apparently, I did not marry Randy Travis who would have been totally ok with my hair going gray - forever, and ever, Amen.)

Today I went to the social security office in Silver Spring.  After waiting for forty-five minutes, I asked what was taking so long and I was told to wait some more and that it was a light day so I shouldn't have to wait too much longer.  After another hour, it was finally my turn.  I went to the clerk's window, handed over my social security card name change application (thank GOD for for taking away all of the leg work and a good portion of the headache from that process), my drivers license and a certified copy of my marriage license, less then a minute later, I walked away a Wilkinson.  Easy right?  Please do not lose sight of that hour and forty five minutes of my life that I will never have back. So we're done right?

Wrong.  Now I have to contact every agency ever, the MVA (even though, once we get the house - if we get the house - I am going to have to go back for yet another new license to change the address), the passport people, every credit card, every bank, the people who title my car, every everything and tell the world that my last name has changed. "Do it online" you advise?  I wish.  I have tried.  I need to call everyone.  And if simply telling them I am changing my name isn't enough, some of these people want me to fax and send or scan and email them a copy of my marriage license.  Isn't this fun?  Car note information changed, check.  Student loan account updated, check.  401K information updated, whomp whomp whomp.  Apparently this has to be done through my company.  Oh really?  Would have been nice if someone had told me that before.  Can't stop - won't stop.  I am on a roll getting through this list of people to inform of my name change.  Insurance information updated, whomp whomp whomp.  This too has to be done through my employer.  Hmm - the rest of this list can wait.

Looking back, I totally should have pulled a Liz.  Just told the world my name was Wilkinson but never do the paperwork to actually change my name.  Hell, I didn't know my mom and I didn't share the same last name until my sophomore year of college.  The woman did a damn good job making everyone believe she was Mrs. Trotter... what a liar. Love you, Mom :)