Monday, October 24, 2011

Cory B to the Rescue

I want to start by saying that I love my husband very much. I love that I married him and I loved our ceremony and I love being married to him. That being said, I hated my wedding day.

I am obsessive compulsive. I am a planner. I am a control freak.  I am detail oriented and list driven. I had a vision for this perfect day. I had timelines and lists and was organized. It is because of those things, that I cannot even begin to explain how so many things could have possibly gone wrong. The limo was 45 minutes late picking us up from hair and make-up. However, this is where we thank God that I am obsessive compulsive – I had us getting to the church early for pictures (which didn’t get to happen to the extent that I wanted them to happen because of said limo being so late). Ugh. But before that, we went to the house to get ready.  I was starving and I made myself a chicken patty. Did I get to eat said chicken patty? Nope. Because we had to rush (since said limo was late), and I never got to eat the chicken patty. I was hungry.

I would have liked more time to be able to do a walk-through of the reception hall before the ceremony. I am glad I got the little walk-through that I did, since the boys, God love them, did not remember the candle centerpieces and the bridesmaids had to get them from the motor home and set them up. Then I find out that the groomsmen, again God love them, did not pass out the programs. The programs that someone insisted be reprinted with her new title. In fact, the groomsmen did not even escort the guests to their seats. I am still not sure what they were doing. We were about 4 minutes late to the church since we were fixing things at the reception hall - I hate being late.  I didn’t have my veil. Brandon didn’t have the right tie & vest. We didn’t have the rings (something which ended up creating some really wonderful pictures and really wonderful memories). Before the wedding was even over, my hair was starting to come un-pinned. The Priest read the wrong gospel, which I didn’t even notice until he pointed it out to me at the reception. After the ceremony, people got annoyed with taking pictures and wanted to get to the reception, so I didn’t get all of the pictures that I wanted to get (cute pictures of the bride with the groomsmen/groom with the bridesmaids; pictures of me and the best man, pictures with my sister, pictures of my husband and my sister). The chair cover/sash people missed an entire table and group of chairs. The DJ didn’t play the cake cutting music when asked so there was a weird time when everyone was looking at us not cut the cake. And finally, there were some drunk people who got a little out of control and some who crossed some lines.

So many things went wrong that for the last month and a half, I have been a little bit bitter about my wedding. Then yesterday none of those things that went wrong seemed to matter. I got to see my pictures from the wedding put to a slideshow. All of the things I was so upset about, just didn’t matter. Brandon looked so handsome, my parents looked so proud, my bridesmaids looked gorgeous and weather was perfect and we were happy. Cory’s photos made me forget, even if it was just for a few moments, all of the horrible things that had gone wrong. He made me cry with his beautiful photos of my absolutely terribly imperfect, perfect wedding day.