Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stalking Cory's work... and the weather

So yesterday I had to work from 6:30 in the morning to half past delirious. Oh the things I will do to have a day off in which I do not have to take vacation leave. I figured with the wedding FOUR days away and Cory inevitably on my speed dial, I would take some time to stalk his work (which I do almost daily anyways) to find some pictures that I really love that I want to in some way replicate in oh, 4 days. Here are some things I learned about wedding pictures:

1. I like black and white, but I love sepia tones.

2. I love detail pictures (i.e place cards, table names, wedding bands, etc.). I think it will definitely come in handy to have pictures of every single detail so that I can really remember every part of the wedding - big and small.

3. I love candids of children in weddings.

4. I hate pictures with veils as a real focal point… and when veils cover a person's face. In fact, I think I hate almost all veils except mine.

5. WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! I definitely want pictures that show the back of my dress since it's so unique.

6. I am terrified of rain and am jealous of people with perfect sunny day wedding pictures. However, I obsessively check the weather and this is what I saw at the time I was writing this post*:

Talk about beautiful luck :)

7. I love pictures with shoes. His & Hers. Bride & Bridesmaids. Even Groomsmen. I love shoes.

8. While I know Cory will make me do it, I am scared to sit on the ground. I know the pictures will be well worth it, but I am still scared. I am not sure which part I am scared of -- the whole being on the ground in my dress part or the part where I will have to get back up again and do so in a somewhat graceful fashion.

9. I think I really like pictures that involve stairs. Weird.

10. Jessica & Brian still have some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen.

Yep -- I clearly had a very productive Labor Day at work.

*Weather has changed 17 thousand times since the writing of this post.