Tuesday, August 9, 2011

we are on a roll...

We are on a roll getting things done for the wedding and the reception.  Over the last 48 hours we have really been able to accomplish a lot and that makes me happy.

Readers picked - check

Readings sent to the readers to practice - check
Music picked out with Organist - check
Programs written and printed - check, check
Bags packed for Jersey/Maine/NYC - check
Shower menu planned with Michelle - check
One set of favors put together and packed up for the reception - check
Meeting with the photographer scheduled for tomorrow - check
Meeting with the florist scheduled for Sunday the 28th - check

Minor freak out about wedding reception set-up - check... wait, what?

Yep, today we had a minor freak out about the reception.  I was told today that I would not be able to get into the reception hall the day before the wedding to get things set up.  This completely killed my entire planning that was done over the last year.  But, Hadley and Michelle swooped in, calmed my nerves and we figured things out.  I contacted Dave from C.C. Linen's Plus (the fabulous place from where we are renting the chair covers/sashes) and he quickly came to the rescue and will make sure the linens are delivered, set up, and perfect for the reception.  And they will come get them too :) This quick fix which leads me to the last thing to check off the list for today...

Minor freak out about wedding reception resolved - check

Hmm maybe this wedding planning stuff isn't too bad... 32 days to go :)