Thursday, August 11, 2011

a little American pride

So I have frequently ranted and raved about how wonderful my wedding photographer is, but after our meeting yesterday, I felt as though I had to do it yet again.  I love my photographer.  He is extremely talented, but more than that, he is honest and he is human and he cares about his clients.  I mean, obviously, it doesn't hurt that he is a friend of mine, but after what Cory told us he is doing the day after our wedding, it reminded me why I love him as a person.  Cory Brodzinski is a great photographer, but more than that, Cory is a great person, and after hearing about this -- I think you all will agree.

Musket Ridge Golf Course is doing something really special to mark the 10th Anniversary of 9/11/01 -- it's call the Love and Liberty 9/11 Wedding Giveaway.  The Golf Club is going to give a military service personnel or first responder and his/her fiance a free wedding.  Free venue, free photographer, free cake, free DJ, free everything -- a free wedding because they put their lives on the line everyday to serve our country.  First of all, I think that is really something amazing and something that should be recognized.  When Cory told me about it, I got goosebumps.  Writing about it now -- I am still getting goosebumps.  My photographer, the wonderful Cory Brodzinski, found out about it and said hmm, this seems like a no brainer - I want in on this.  He called and offered his services for the day and he got it!  So the day after doing my wedding -- which I am sure is going to be physically and emotionally draining because it's me and I can be a pain in Cory's ass :) -- he is going to go to shoot ANOTHER wedding, but that time - he doesn't get paid.  I think that's something pretty awesome and you should too.

To read more about the event and the couple who won -- click here and to see more about Cory and his work -- click here