Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hello august :)

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for August and everything that this month is going to bring.  It's a very weird feeling, you know being excited for the end of summer.  In past years I have associated August with going back to school, really hot and humid Washington, DC weather and moving (while the upside to all that moving meant that I was going back to Lycoming to see my friends, it also meant packing and unpacking and setting up and this was stressful for an OCD girl like myself).  This year, however, heat and humidity aside, August is shaping up to be one of the best months of my life.  No, seriously, it is! 

August 1 -- marked 40 days until the wedding!  This wedding is going to be here before we know it and the way August is shaping up and with all the fun things Brandon and I have planned -- this month is going to fly by!

August 5-7: New Jersey weekend to see the future in-laws :) 

August 11-15: New Jersey/Maine/NYC with Danielle & Dee -- this is a seriously much needed and highly anticipated weekend getaway.  I will fly to New Jersey on Thursday night, Friday morning we leave for Maine (one of my favorite places that I have ever been in my life), Sunday we get back and have a lobster feast and then on Monday, Danielle and I are going to go into the city to look for wedding accessories before my 7:30 flight home Monday night.  Why am I flying to New Jersey when just the weekend before we are driving there?  Easy: I would have to take three days off work, this way I only have to take two days because I can work through lunch a few days (something I generally go anyways) to leave early on Thursday. I would be spending at least $120 in gas and another $35 in tolls.  My plane ticket: $187 with Southwests wanna get away tickets.  Another perk, I don't have to spend 8+ hours in the car alone -- that is the worst, especially since Brandon hates talking on the phone so then I end up talking to myself like a crazy person for eight hours.

August 19-21:  I get to see Danielle & Dee again!!  I also get to see some of my other college girlfriends, Kerri & Emily to name a couple :) The Friday of that weekend I have my hair & makeup trial! Eek!  I am super excited about that.  Then Friday night is my bachelorette party, Saturday we may continue those festivities and then Sunday is my bridal shower.  A whole weekend celebrating the fact that I am marrying the love of my life -- it doesn't get much better than that... Ok, maybe the weekend I marry the love of my life, but whatever you know what I mean!

August 27: I work... but it's on the 4th floor which means I am working with my favorite people and it is going to be a relatively easy day.  It also means I will be able to work on any wedding diy projects that I may have to take care of -- and I will be paid to do it.  Talk about awesome.

August 28: I am taking my soon-to-be hubby to a baseball game to have some real pre-wedding quality time together :)  We are going to Camden Yards for the Yankees-Orioles game.  We both really love Camden Yards aka Yankee Stadium South, so I think it will be a really good time.  A nice distraction before the wedding madness ensues.

And then BOOM! it's September and we're in the month of the wedding.  I told you, August is going to be a fabulous, very busy, but very fabulous month to be me :)