Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Angie :)

Today is one of my friend/favorite co-worker's birthday.  Angie works in the Surgery Center at SGF.  She is from Alabama and thanks to her husband being in school at Georgetown, she now she lives in Columbia Heights in DC. Thanks Sam for wanting to go to school in DC because it means I get to have that crazy girl as a friend :)  For Angie's birthday I made a no bake caramel chocolate truffle pie.  I was feeling inspired by another (formerly) Columbia Heights friend, Sarah Ruth and her blog Più vino! and so I decided to write about it. 

Step 1: Add pecans (or other nut but you don't have to use nuts) to already made pie crust (I am a cheater... and I went with a chocolate pie crust instead of plain graham cracker).
In one of the pie tins, I put yummy crushed pecans 
Step 2: Unwrap 18 - 22 caramels and melt them

Step 3: Add melted caramel to the pie crust

Step 4: Wash the saucepan, and melt chocolate chips with heavy cream and butter.

Step 5: Add chocolate mixture to the pie crust and then refrigerate

Step 6: Admire how beautiful it is :)
No nuts in this one :)
this one has the pecans :)

We have not yet indulged in this very simple treat, but I will be sure to let my adoring fans know how it turned out.  Seriously though -- with how simple it was, how could I have screwed it up?!