Sunday, July 24, 2011

a bowl, not a pillow

I know traditionally the ring bearer carries a small satin pillow with fake rings tied to it and it's adorable.  Traditionally the ring bearer is also like five.  My ring bearer is more of a junior groomsman who has to gets to carry the rings.  That being said, I knew if I tried to ask Cameron to carry a pillow he would hit me with it.  I wanted to find something a little more practical, a little more grown up for Cameron's sake and really, a little more useful in the long term.  Enter the ring bearer bowl.

I found this idea on the craft website Etsy, which is easily my new obsession.  (Aunt Patti, you should definitely be on there selling your stuff!)  I looked at several different sellers and several different ideas and then really, without any difficulty, I found the one.  I contacted the seller from SayYourPiece, since it was originally a trinket bowl.  Eileen was wonderful.  She said we could absolutely make it a ring bearer bowl.  Added bonus: she is going to add our names and wedding date to the bottom of it.
Now I have my ring bearer bowl that Cameron will carry down the aisle in just 48 short days.  Additional added bonus: after the wedding, I will have the most adorable bowl to put my jewelry in :)  I highly recommend checking out Eileen's Etsy shop!  I know there are a few more things I will definitely be purchasing from her down the road.