Thursday, June 9, 2011

feeling good, feeling productive

I love being productive.  I love it even more when the productivity is directly related to the wedding.  The past two weeks we have been SO productive AND it has been wedding related and with just 93 short days until the wedding, we are going to need to be productive somewhat consistently.  I like the idea of getting everything knocked out of the way and being able to really just chill out in the weeks before the wedding.  I know that won't really happen, because this is the real world, but the less I have to take care of the last two weeks before the wedding, the better off I am going to be!

To Do:
Brandon getting fit for his tux
Get Brandon's wedding band

Get my wedding band
Collect all things for Welcome Bags (we have everything except the water bottles)
Address remaining wedding invitations
Get cake topper
Get dress (now I just have to get it home!)
Mail Wedding Invitations (ahhhh!!!)
Complete DJ Questionnaire 
Timeline for the Wedding Day (almost done! why aren't you surprised?)
Book the shuttle
Print ceremony programs and escort cards
Get the marriage license
Pay deposits for various things (flowers, photographer, etc.)

And really, come Saturday we'll have another thing crossed off the list.  Brandon and I are making the little trip down to southern Maryland to mail our wedding invitations.  Why am I going to drive an hour to mail the invitations when we can go less than a mile from the house?  I have a very good reason.  Loveville, Maryland.  Yep, my wedding invitations will be postmarked from Loveville :)  And rumor has it, they have a special stamper they use for wedding invites. Eek! AND Brandon is done with school on June 17th (for ten days) so one day while he is off we are going to meet at the courthouse during my lunch hour one day and get our marriage license.  I am in discussions with the shuttle service and limo company hammering out details, so that will be done in no time.  I mean really, it's just little things here and there between now and the wedding day. Dang it feels good to be organized.

It seems so crazy.  We're getting MARRIED!! EEK!