Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Nightmares

I have had several in the past, but lately they are way out of control.  Wedding Nightmares, woof.  I decided that with only 125 days standing between me and the wedding, this isn't all the crazy.  Somehow Danielle made it until now, less than 30 days to go, to start having hers.  This just goes to show, that I am crazier than people think I am.  This post is dedicated to some of the most frequent wedding related nightmares that I have.

1. Everyone RSVPs no.  Not just obscure family members, everyone -- like even my parents.  Not one person can find time to make it to the wedding.  It's like come on people, we sent the Save the Dates out well in advance, you couldn't make any time for this?   A variation of this is that people RSVP yes and then they just decide not to come, so my mother is pulling strangers off the metro and the street to make the church look full so that maybe, just maybe, I don't realize that my friends and family forgot about my wedding.  Thanks mom :)

2. I forget I am getting married.  Somehow I forget that I am getting married on 9-10-11 and I am not tan (which is some very important to me -- I refuse to be a pasty ghost at my wedding), I don't get my hair or makeup done and my dress never gets alterations done so I am wearing something other than my wedding dress.  Brandon is wearing the horrible camo shorts from junior year of college and chuck taylors.  And very similarly to another wedding nightmare, people also forgot about my wedding.

3.  The night before my wedding, my parents decide that they are in-fact going to go to the Delaware Samboree.  I ask them why they have to go and they tell me that they just cannot miss Barry and Sandy's last Samboree as the Del. state directors.

4. We're at the reception, we've eaten dinner, we've cut cake and we've danced.  I have, for some reason, changed dresses and my bridesmaids have also changed dresses (and for some reason they are wearing floor length brown ones) and all of the groomsmen are drunk and I realize -- we haven't taken a single group picture.  After the ceremony we never took pictures.  I start freaking out.  I ask Michelle if we can walk over to the church and take pictures.  She refuses to change and to help me back into my wedding dress.  I ask Cory (the wonderful photog) and he says no, that the lighting is all wrong now. So we close out the wedding day without any wedding party pictures.

I know as the day approaches, the dreams will get even more ridiculous and absurd and I am ok with that.  I know this is just me letting the countdown get to me.  I know there is no way I am going to forget about my wedding.  I know that there will be people at my wedding.  I know my parents, even though they kid about it, would never miss my wedding (especially since they are paying for it!) and I know, most of all, that Cory, much to Brandon's dismay, would never ever let us get away without taking group pictures. I just need to breathe and take things one day at a time.  Obviously, that is much easier said than done :)