Thursday, April 21, 2011

a letter to family & friends

Dear Family (especially little Kenny) and Friends (Meg & Ron),

Please stop getting engaged and setting wedding dates in the next year.  We love you all dearly and of course want to see you live together happily ever after but our social calendars and closets (what?  do you really think I am going to wear the same thing to every rehearsal dinner/wedding?!) can't handle the pressure; and on top of that, I just don't know how often I can hear the electric slide before I will want to shoot myself.  The next 380 days are looking a little ridiculous wedding wise.

April 29, 2011 -  Will & Kate (what? I'm definitely watching it, stop judging me)
May 28, 2011 - Danielle & Justin
September 10, 2011 - Me & Brandon
March 17, 2012 - Patty & Jimmy
April 14, 2012 - Michelle & TJ
May 4, 2012 - Amanda & Anthony

And I think I am missing someone... yikes.  Please do not be discouraged though, I am all about the 2013 weddings -- so if your intention is to get married on 11-12-13 then you are allowed to get engaged.

Warmest Regards,

Tori & Brandon