Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cory Brodzinski is AMAZING

I might be the luckiest girl in the world.  Not only am I marrying the man of my dreams, but I am working with the photographer of my dreams.

I have raved about Cory in the past, but today I dedicate an entire blog to just how wonderful he is (and just how crazy I am).  Today I was having a weird wedding freak out (can you blame me – it’s less than 5 months away) and I contacted Cory.  Here’s a little back story so that everyone can understand my wedding freak out – yes this one was provoked, I didn’t just spaz like Pinto.  A nurse that I work with came up to me today and was making small talk about the weather and then she said something absolutely horrible.  She goes “I hope the weather isn’t like this for your wedding pictures --- where are you taking them?”  What the… How dare you jinx me like -- Wedding pictures?  At the church… duh.  Oh, you mean after the wedding?  We’re taking the pictures… at the… with the… oh my God, where do people even take wedding pictures?  I have ideas for things I want for these pictures, but never once did I picture where these pictures would actually take place.  How did that happen?  So I started to have a mild anxiety attack.  Solution: call Brandon call the photographer. 

Within minutes of getting my text, not only did Cory respond but he had locations and ideas, costs and factors to consider.  He was able to give me complete peace of mind and was not only realistic, but also reassuring.  So now I am a bride with more than one post-wedding picture location. HA! Take that wedding freak out – Cory to the rescue :)  To top it all off, Cory met me at the church tonight to scope it out and really get a feel for good picture locations.  Seriously – I am working with the best photographer, ever.

If you have not already done so – check out Cory’s website!