Friday, April 1, 2011

April?!? Already?!

I am a little terrified that it is already April.  I am more than a little terrified that April is so jam packed that May is going to be here before I know it.  This is what my April calendar looks like:
April 2: Caps game with Katie, Brandon and Sye.
April 3: Work Monitoring at SGFRSC @ 6:45am, ugh
April 4: Dentist Appointment
April 6: Christina's Birthday
April 8-10: Danielle's bachelorette party & bridal shower!! :)
April 10: Aunt Donna's Birthday
April 11: Katie's Birthday
April 14: Dr. Levy leaves the country for 2.5 weeks (and ONE YEAR UNTIL MICHELLE & TJ TIE THE KNOT!!!)
April 15-17: Rolling Rock Lycoming Reunion
April 18: lunch with Aunt Patti? I hope so :)
April 21: get marriage license (!!) and then wisdom teeth come out at 1 :(
April 22-24: Easter weekend with puffy cheeks in Jersey... thank goodness I will have Aunt Margie and Lori there to baby me and take care of me while I am pitiful and on a liquid diet :)  (unfortunately by liquid I don't mean wine)
April 30: Work Monitoring at SGFRSC @ 6:45am, ugh (but hellooooo overtimeeeee)

And then it's May... wait, what?! See, how does that happen?  How did I let this happen? I just need to breathe.  The other day I asked Brandon what would happen if I just stopped planning the wedding.  Do you know what he said?  "I am sure you have done enough that it would be just fine."  Obviously, I am not going to just stop planning... but I mean... if I did...