Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The weather is probably going to be insane tomorrow. by: Brandon Wilkinson

This is something that I thought I would never do. In fact, I tried to avoid doing this for a couple months now but Tori won't seem to forget about it. Brandon Wilkinson is writing a blog post. Just doesn't have a ring to it... however; my lady has requested this of me and I will do my best......

The past few years of my life have been insane: graduating college, moving to Maryland, working two jobs, getting promoted, taking tests, getting engaged and all the other things that happen in this thing called life.

Last February I asked Tori to marry me. She said yes and I thought the hard part was over. I was WRONG. As a pretty simple man and I had no idea about the amount of detail that goes into a wedding. Thank God for Tori. If I planned the wedding the main dish would probably be cheeseburgers and potato salad and the beverage choices would be Beer, Coffee or Diet Coke. She's great at planning and has a great eye for detail. In fact, I think sometimes too much of an eye. hahaha She will literally have me pick from 10 shades of the same blue. Of course I can't answer right, they all look blue to me! I know I cause her headaches but she is a good sport about it.

We got 6 Months and 2 days until I take the plunge. Rumor has it guys get nervous and get afraid of the commitment and being a "one woman man" for the rest of their lives. Honestly, I have no fears, no worries -- she's a good gal and she takes good care of me. The only worry I have is just hoping everything goes how Tori wants it to. She has put a lot of time and energy into the planning and really deserves the day to be just how she has planned it. I'm not any good at the planning and choosing part so I do let her take care of that stuff. I probably should be more involved even if I just nod and smile. As long as she shows up and says Yes then Sept 10 will be a success in my book. I mean having all my family and friends together for a big massive party wouldn't be too bad either.

Last week I found out one of my groomsman, also my cousin, has Leukemia. He is a fighter and will kick its ass.

In conclusion-
This is probably one of the worst blog posts written in blog post history.