Thursday, March 17, 2011

I hate Crowne Plaza.

So today told me I should call the hotel and confirm the bridal suite for the weekend.  So I do it... and it's a good thing that I did because now, I officially HATE Crowne Plaza.

I call and I speak with the front desk... they transfer me to Melvin... who transfers me to reservations operator #1.... who transfers me to reservations operator #2.... who transfers me to reservations operator #3.... who transfers me to reservations operator #4 (at which point I have to wonder why they need so many different reservations operators)... who transfers me to Camille. Camille tells me that they have no record of the Trotter-Wilkinson wedding.  Wait... what? I give her the confirmation number for the contract.  They have no record of this confirmation number or the contract.  Excuse me?  I pull up the emails (from AUGUST) and read them all to her.  She is stuttering. I go off on a tangent about responsibility and good business operations.  She said it will be resolved by the close of business and I tell her that while she is trying to resolve it, I will begin to look for a different hotel to block rooms at.  She assures me that it will be taken care of by the close of business. I'm still waiting...

I called the Hilton in Silver Spring.  It's simply two blocks away from the original location and it is just as nice.  I worked with a wonderful woman named Virginia.  I cannot say enough nice things about her.  After about 10 minutes on the phone, we finished our conversation and she put together a proposal.  She emailed me within an hour with a proposal and a TON of information.  Turns out, the Hilton will offer us a better price per room, the option of blocking rooms on Friday night as well AND they also offer a shuttle. 

So now the only question Brandon and I have left now is where do we have the rehearsal dinner?  Do we keep it at the River City Grille even though it's part of the Crowne Plaza?  I mean, Gzim, the restaurant manager, is absolutely wonderful and he was so helpful and I really loved him.  Or do we move it to another location because I hate the Crowne Plaza and everything they stand for?  UGH.  Decisions, decisions.