Saturday, March 26, 2011

and then there were two :)

Brandon and I made the decision it was time to expand our little family... well I decided it was time.  Brandon was set on the idea that it was time to get Hank a pet. A hamster to be exact.  He thought we would get one and put the poor little hamster's cage in Hank's cage and he (or she) would be Hank's new best friend.  Better sense set in... or maybe it was the paint fumes getting to us... either way, we decided to getting another puppy was a much better idea.  Michelle and TJ had just gotten a puppy the weekend before and the family still has puppies that needed homes.  That's where we got Patsy.  I mean, I have been threatening to bring home another dog since I brought Hank home, so what better time than Spring time to get another dog.  I didn't think Brandon would cave as easily as he did, but I am not going to complain about that.
isn't she perfect?
Monday, TJ picked her up and brought her home.  Here is our first family picture :)
my perfect little family :)

So I can't help but want to take a million pictures of her and of Hank.  They play so well together.  It is the most odd pair, but they are really perfect.  This morning Patsy was feeling bold and decided to wake Hank up :)
obviously the big mean pit bull cared :)
Today I took her to the vet.  She hasn't been keeping her food down so well and we wanted to make sure it wasn't something that Brandon and I were doing wrong because she is so young.  The vet said she is only six weeks old and needs to be on orphan puppy formula... and be bottle fed.  Brandon is thrilled.  She said we need to get through the next 3-4 weeks and she will be fine.  Based on the way she plays with Hank, I have no doubt that she is one tough cookie.  The vet told us she weighs a whopping .8 lbs and not to worry, we are doing just fine.  I think she is perfect and she is the most wonderful little girl two people could ask for. Brandon and I couldn't be more blessed to have the most perfect little babies