Wednesday, March 9, 2011

185 to go and so productive!

So it is 6 months and 1 day until go time.  Woohoo!  So not only am I excited about that, but I am quite thrilled that it has been a wonderfully productive 48 hours.  No seriously, it has.  And not just on my part – Brandon has been crazy productive and helpful too :)
-we addressed more invitations (I figure if we knock a couple out every week, then we won’t have a big day of addressing and stuffing).
-we ordered the new vases (cross your fingers people, they shipped today)
-we celebrated three incredibly wonderful years together :)
the beautiful flowers Brandon got me for our anniversary :)
-Brandon wrote a blog post that made me cry :)
-I finalized a decision about bridesmaids’ dresses
-Brandon made a decision about the tuxes :)
-we placed our rental order (and paid in full) for our seat covers/sashes
-we called to set up an appointment to meet with the priest to tie up any loose ends and finalize the wedding program
-we mailed our parents the notices that they need to sign saying we’ve never been married to other people, the "prenuptial witness affidavit"
-I called and left a message requesting a copy of my baptismal certificate

Phew – and on Friday we can go get our marriage license :)  Eek!  I don’t know if I will take care of that or not, but I will say that I really want to.

We really only have a few things left to do:
-get baptismal certificates
-as just noted, we need our marriage license.
-order last few bridal party gifts
-get fit for the tux
-find the freaking shoes
-buy wedding bands (but I picked mine out!)
-get vases to Aunt Patti (when they come in of course!)
-get vases to florist (in July when payment is due)
-mail invitations (in June)
-print programs (just waiting on a couple details, but they’re basically ready to be printed)
-print place settings (and add ribbon based on dish selection)
-seating chart

And none of those things are really that big (seriously, the seating chart is not that big, especially since I have a preliminary seating chart already done based on 100% attendance), and I am sure more little things will arise as the day get closer, but that’s expected.  Dang, it feels good to be so organized… that being said, September 10, 2011 hurry up and get here!