Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear 2011,

You are turning out to be a stressful and expensive year and it is only February.  WTF?  And I don't mean that in the Modern Family "why the face" way...  Please stop this horrible behavior and be the year that I was hoping you would be (you know, the year in which I get married and live happily ever after).  I enjoy this nice sunny weather you're providing this week, but it does not make up for the way you are starting out.  I am asking nicely, please don't make me ask again.

Yours Sincerely,
Tori Trotter

So as you can tell by my lovely letter, 2011 has not been shaping up to be the year of the Tori.  Yes, Brandon has been absolutely saintly and wonderful and charming and wonderfully romantic, but most things not-Brandon-related have not been going so wonderfully.  The past week and a half has been just brutal.

Let's recap:
Monday 2/7: Mmm a week full of drug rep lunches.  (Yep, the drug reps for the various prenatal companies bring us free yummy lunches and in turn, ask us to give our patients their prenatal supplements... I know I said the past week and a half have been brutal and it has, I promise, but it did start well which may be why the end result seems so sucky)
Tuesday 2/8: Hmm my tooth doesn't feel so good. No yummy foods for me?
Wednesday 2/9: Ouch, my tooth really hurts.  No yummy food for me! Better make a dentist appointment... ew, a dentist appointment. :(
Thursday 2/10: Dang, my tooth is still really hurting. Off to the dentist in the afternoon. Dentist says "you need a root canal... and all four of your wisdom teeth removed, make an appt with an oral surgeon."  Dinner time, can't eat, need. pain. killers.  Thank God for TJ and his near death experience with MRSA and his need for pain medication (not that I want TJ dead because that is definitely not the case, thank God he did not die! ...not only would I not have had pain meds to take on Thursday night but I would have to deal with Michelle by myself and that's no easy task... and I will have you all know that TJ is good for more than just pain meds and keeping Michelle happy, ok?)
Friday 2/11: Baby Shower for Nydra is perfect, but I can't eat any of the yummy food because my tooth hurts :(
Saturday 2/12:  Meeting with the priest (you know the one who told Brandon and I that we were only 23% personality match) followed closely (literally priest appointment was at 11 and dentist appointment was at 12) part one of the root canal (which is not nearly as glamorous as the root canal from the Old Navy commercial with stupid Super Suzy) and I still can't eat (because I am too scared to eat anything because of the pain I experienced the rest of the week)... but Brandon gave me my Valentine's day gift, a new laptop :)
Sunday 2/13: Bed all day.  Too tired to move. Too stressed to function.
Monday 2/14: Happy Valentine's day, I am calling out of work.  Sick day -- in bed until 11 (thank God Hank was feeling as sad and lazy as I was and he didn't want to get out of bed early). But once we did get up it was sunny and springy and wonderful which ended up being just what the doctor ordered. I felt much better and made beef tenderloin with chocolate port sauce, mashed potatoes and salad for dinner. And Brandon got me flowers. :)
Tuesday 2/15: Still not in the mood for food -- still scared of tooth pain.
Wednesday 2/16: Yay! The vases for the wedding centerpieces can be picked up from the store :) I can't wait to see how the candles and the stones look and I am sure it will be... crap...they are too small and the candles don't fit.  We have to start from scratch on the centerpieces and my tooth still scares me too much to really eat anything.  Ugh.  (Are you annoyed with how much I am complaining about my tooth?  So is Brandon, and I will tell you like I told him, get over it.  We all remember when I didn't complain about my side hurting and I almost died of the kidney infection right... that's what I thought.)
Thursday 2/17:  Appointment with the Oral Surgeon who looks like an MMA fighter.  While at the appointment I was forced to watch a video in which they told me I could die from having my wisdom teeth removed.  So is this really medically necessary?  Yep, all four teeth need to come out (crap) and I have almost exhausted all of my dental insurance benefits (double crap).

Grey's Anatomy put it best: "We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?"  On the up side, I had a wonderful Valentine's day, I am marrying the most wonderful man and I feel like I have lost weight which is nice.  I would much rather lose weight the normal way, but hey I will take it.  I am lucky I have Brandon.  He has kept me sane and grounded in all of this.  He helps me to stop over analyzing and stressing out over things that I cannot possibly control.  Another upside: there are so many wonderful interest free credit card/payment plans in the dental world that make this whole wisdom teeth thing not so scary.  I mean, I will find out soon if my insurance benefits will cover anything, but even without insurance covering anything we're looking at less than $1500 and thought we were looking and something closer to $4000-$6000, so I can deal with it.  So come April, I will be sans wisdom teeth.  Brandon has spring break then and Dr. Levy will be in Israel so Brandon will be there to take care of me and Dr. Levy won't be around to need my help.  So while the last week and a half has been brutal, tomorrow is Friday and it is supposed to be 70.  So here's to hoping the next week and a half are less brutal.