Sunday, February 13, 2011

So you're saying we wouldn't be matched on e-harmony?

Whenever Brandon and I are watching tv and the e-harmony commercial comes on, I can't help but ask him "Babe, if we didn't know each other and like you didn't go to Lyco or I didn't go to Lyco and we never had any mutual friends who would set us up on a blind date, on which you would fall wildly in love with me, do you think you would ever go on e-harmony and if I came home and couldn't find any fish in the sea and I went on e-harmony, do you think we would find each other?".  As you all know e-harmony matches you based upon compatibility.  Now of course I know that this is a very far fetched situation because if Brandon and I were not together, he would definitely never, ever, be caught dead on e-harmony, but the man is a saint and he always plays along anyways.  Without hesitation Brandon, of course, always replies yes we would find each other because we're soul mates.  If I didn't know better, I would think he was trained :)  Turns out, Brandon is a liar.

Yesterday, Brandon and I met with the priest to go over the answers to our FOCCUS test.  As it turns out, we only have a 23% personality match.  What?  How did that happen?  This whole time, I thought we were so compatible and perfect for each other.  I mean, we both love country music, we both put the utmost importance in family, we can both quote every line from Smokey and the Bandit and we both hates the eagles.  Isn't that what love is?   Mutual hatred for Philadelphia teams?  Apparently not.  Overall, we did okay on the rest of the test - nothing stood out as shocking or something we didn't already expect.  For example, we all know Brandon will try to maintain peace at all cost and I will never back down and let a man tell me what to do because I am stubborn hear me roar... I mean, I am woman hear me roar, damn it I always screw that one up.  Either way, it definitely made us think and has given us a lot of things to talk about.  Yep, I said it.  You win Catholic Church -- you've got us talking about things we wouldn't have dreamed about discussing.

I will say this though, Brandon and I may not be compatible according to the church, but we are 92% ready to marry each other.  So who cares that weren't not compatible?  At least we're ready to tolerate each other for eternity :)