Saturday, January 1, 2011

We're in the year of the wedding!

Well what would New Years be without a post about resolutions and being better people.  This is not a blog for said post.  I mean come on, we are in the year of the wedding.  And not just my wedding either.  This is a big year for weddings.  Danielle is getting married in May(!), I am getting married in September (eek!), and Rona is getting married in October.  Also getting married this year are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, several girls I went to college with (Lindsey, Kaylin, Jill and Shelbie) and a couple girls I went to high school with (Alli and Leah).  Like I said -- this is the year of the wedding.

That being said, I will have you know that says that there are 252 days until the wedding and 116 things to do.  Between now and March, I am supposed to finalize a decision about bridesmaid dresses (which means I need to sit down with my seven bridesmaids -- seven?!? how did that happen?!? when did that happen?!? Oh well, I can't help that I love the wonderful ladies in my life) and pick out dresses.  (This will then determine the final line up of bridesmaids and therefore, the order of the program.  I need to have some kind of organization and symmetry to things!)  I also need to stalk the priest and find out what other things we need to do because there is no way we are getting off that easy.  I also need to figure out ceremony music and finalize a menu for the reception... oh wait, I already have that done!  So to recap: bridesmaids dresses, priest stalking and ceremony music.  Not to shabby!

So my new years resolutions (what?  You didn't really expect to get out of a New Year blog post without hearing them did you?) is to be a better friend.  I have a ton of really wonderful people in my life and I don't do nearly enough with them... I think having lunch with Hadley, Sarah and Carrie reminding me of that fact.  I am also going to make a very honest effort to blog more frequently.  I mean, there is a lot going on in life and this is going to be a very big year and I think my adoring fans want to hear about it :)