Monday, January 17, 2011

we tv wedding sunday freakout

So my current wedding planning project is working on the decorations and set-up of the reception. I am not sure why this is weighing me down right now; however, I am pretty sure that I can place total blame on David Tutera and Four Weddings and really WE tv wedding Sundays as a whole. This is consuming me so much so that I have set up a meeting with the reception venue so that Brandon and I can go see it again (tonight) and take measurements and try to visualize how things will be set up. Yes, I am aware that it is January. You can stop judging me whenever you want… but seriously, now would be nice.

I have a rather large wedding party and that didn’t really occur to me until, well, last night. It wouldn’t really make sense to have the entire wedding party sitting at a head table that’s like 20 feet long – that seems crazy and excessive. So I asked Danielle what she was doing because her wedding and mine are comparable in size. I had choices; I could suck it up and have everyone sit at the head table even if it looked ridiculous. I could have a sweetheart table and have all of the bridal party at two tables (yes, two tables) on either side of the sweetheart table (groomsmen at the table next to his parents; bridesmaids at the table next to my parents). Or, I could do option three which the little genius Danielle is doing. I could say screw it and let my bridal party sit with people they know and have a sweetheart table. This lets the bridal party be happy with who they are sitting with and let’s me save money. How? By doubling the bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces. The bridesmaids’ flowers will need water anyways, so why not have them keep their flowers safe while simultaneously serving a purpose. This also gives the reception d├ęcor a little bit more depth because there will be more variety in centerpieces. I will have some candles, some regular centerpieces and some bridesmaids’ bouquet centerpieces. Danielle – you are a lifesaver!

So now that I have that figured out, I am excited to go to this meeting tonight and get a better grasp of the venue. I know it’s only January and I will probably save this one hundred more times, but I think things are really starting to fall into place. It’s starting to really sink in, we are in the year of the wedding. I am getting married. I am going to be a WIFE. Now if I can shake the dream where all of my guests RSVP that they aren’t coming, things will be perfect. When I told Brandon about this dream (you know, the one where all the guests RSVP NO), he said to me “you shouldn’t worry about anyone else being there. You should only worry about me showing up.” Thanks Brandon, now I will have nightmares about being stood up at the altar… however, I guess it won’t be that embarrassing since all of my guests have other plans...