Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year. Big Move.

So as many of you know, my parents moved to Florida in December.  It's been an interesting thing for me.  I am not sure it has even really hit me yet.  I think with all the chaos and unpacking (yes, still unpacking) and boxes there hasn't been time for it to really hit me yet.  I have no doubt that as soon as things settle down and we are back to normal life, things will hit me.  I am not sure how I never addressed this in the blog... oh wait, yes I do.  I was very lazy about posting.  Right.  How did I forget!  So instead of blogging more about my feelings and about them leaving, I have decided to cheat and just show pictures of their going away party :)
 the sign i made for them :) 
jane, liz, patty, margaret and tommy
michelle & margot
patty & jimbo
daddy & his boys
greg, pat, tj, brandon
dad, liz & pargo :)
that, ladies and gentlemen, is the budweiser two-step
dad & shirley
typical liz -- thanks for waiting...
teresa, brandon, greg, me, aunt maggie, liz, jeanette, dad and kern
 teresa, daddy and aunt maggie
(yes, I am a suck up)
mommy & me

So they're gone.  It's weird.  But I think it's good, I think it was time.