Saturday, January 8, 2011

a new endeavor?

As everyone knows, I love planning my wedding... like a lot.  In recent months, it has come to my attention, that enjoying wedding planning as much as I do is not actually normal.  (Or so I am told.)  The same people who told me that my love for wedding planning is not normal,  have also told me in recent months that I should look into event planning and wedding planning as a side business.  I was told that not only I would be incredibly good at it, but also, that down the road, maybe I wouldn't have to work in the 9-5 business world and I can be a stay-at-home mother/wedding planner extraordinaire.  Clearly at this stage in my life, the wedding planner extraordinaire is much more appealing than the stay-at-home mother aspect of this.  This idea has been pushed on me so much to the point that many of my Christmas presents from my older sister, future brother-in-law and fiance were event planning books and wedding planning books and if that didn't drop a big enough hint, small business start-up books. Hmm -- I guess I should take that hint.

So in the next year, I am going to look into this a bit more.  I have already started some research into it and I like what I see.  I found a local place where I can get certification without spending an arm and a leg and putting a kidney up on the black market.  I mean, I am planning my wedding and I have the honor and privilege to plan Michelle and TJ's wedding.  TJ has also asked me if I would be willing to plan their house warming/engagement party.  If that goes well, maybe I could be planning other weddings and big events soon.  I really enjoyed planning a luncheon for the donor team for Dr. Levy and I do love the whole wedding planning thing and it is something that I would love to do for a living.  I already recommend my florist, my bakery and my photographer to everyone I meet, so I might as well do that professionally.  Brandon already has wonderful ideas for my own little home office (isn't he wonderful) and so this could become something, something wonderful and unexpected.

So here's to trying something new and being brave enough to give it a shot... and hopefully to this something new becoming something very prosperous :)