Sunday, January 2, 2011

I am channeling my inner Liz :)

I will start this post by saying that my mother is the most creative/clever person that I know.  I cannot count the number of times that I have heard my father say "very clever Elizabeth!"  The woman can take nothing and turn it into the most wonderful craft project.  I have decided that it is about time that I channel my mother and make her proud.  In  the past week or so, I have been thinking of all of the little wedding details that I can take care of early -- things that I don't want to run around doing at 9:00 the night before the wedding, things my mother would take care of early and everyone would "oooh" and "aaahh" over.  One of the things that came to mind is the lay out of place cards.  I mean, yea I can put the cards in alphabetical order by last name and people can grab their name card off the table and it could say their table name on it, but that's not cute.  There is nothing creative or exciting or unique or Liz Trotter approved about that.  So I decided to channel my mother and take on a little craft project with the help of my wonderful future hubby :)

Brandon and I took a 3x2 cork board, covered it in a wonderful brown fabric and made thumbtacks (aka buttons that I covered in fabric, with nice little cardboard circles glued on the inside of the back of the button and thumbtacks glued to the cardboard to make button thumbtacks) to match the fabric of the cork board -- and our fabulous wedding theme :)  ...ok, I guess we don't really have a wedding theme, so much as wedding colors, so the material matches our fabulous wedding colors.  It wasn't really that difficult, it was actually pretty simple and quite fun to do together.  On a side note, I have been really hard on Brandon about wedding projects and wedding things in general.  I have felt pretty alone on them and like he didn't really care about any of the details and things that needed to be done.  It didn't occur to me that Brandon had absolutely no idea what really goes into wedding planning but after a discussion about it, it was nice to see Brandon involved in the wedding stuff with me.  I was really happy with the final result of our first craft project and with Brandon's involvement in general.  He really is something wonderful :)
this is the material I used to make the pins
I covered this little thing with fabric circle cutouts

then I put the button in there and folded the edges and put the back on it

...almost done...

and it made buttons :)

...and then there were twenty-eight

so that's what they look like with the pins in them :)

and that's how they will look when pinned to the board! :)

So now that it is done, I feel really good, really accomplished.  I am going to try to think of all the other little details that could be spruced up a little bit and do my best to make sure things that could be turned into simple projects don't get overlooked (especially since I have some of that great fabric left over!).  I am also really proud of Brandon and how attentive he was and how helpful he was and how enthusiastic he was... and he is really amazing :) And I need to stop drinking wine... it's making me sappy and sentimental.