Thursday, December 30, 2010

You can call me Productive Polly.

So I have taken it upon myself to close out the year by being productive... no, I have not done my laundry since returning home from Jersey and no, I did not mean productive in domestic things.  I mean, I am going to get some big wedding things done so that I can knock them off the list and feel really good and really confident about the wedding stuff when 2011 starts.  

Last night, I printed all of the wedding invitations, response cards and inserts.  Like I said -- wedding productive.  Today, it is my goal to address the ones that are going to people are will not be moving any time soon: aunts and uncles, obscure relatives, family friends who have lived in the same place forever and have no intention of ever leaving, and friends who just renewed/signed leases on apartments that require you to sell your left kidney to get out of it.  So far, I have gotten three done since I started this morning.  I have a feeling this is going to take awhile... thank God for country music and wine, otherwise I might never get this done.

So I ordered these really cute address labels a couple weeks ago.  I had every intention of putting them on the front of the invitations (you know, where address labels usually go) but it turns out, the envelopes don't close so well, so I will have to use them as envelope seals.  Darn.  I don't really care what context they get used in, just as long as they get used.  I mean seriously -- how cute are they:
I took out our street address... you never know what kind of creeps are out there.
I also sent our dear priest an email asking him what all we need to do on the religious end of things.  I mean, we already did Pre-Cana and I know it can't be that easy.  I need to find out what kind of music the church generally does for weddings.  This is kind of important and something that never occurred to me until... well last night when I was putting together some things for the program.  I mean, you always think about the music you want played, but it never occurred to me that I will actually need someone to play that music.  Duh.  

Well, back to work.  Maybe I will get another three done before I get distracted again...