Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If my wedding was a pregnancy...

So it's been over a month since I have done anything wedding related... well, not really.  It's just been over a month since I wrote about doing anything wedding related.  It has also been over a month since I requested Brandon write a guest appearance blog post.  Chances are, that will never happen.  In fact, I think if he does ever write a blog post, it will be the day after our wedding and the post will read something along the lines of "This is Brandon and I am now married."  The end.  That's it.  But that's Brandon.  Simplicity -- one of the many reasons that I am absolutely in love with him.  Vomit.  Now that that squishy moment is over, let's really dive into this.  If my wedding was a pregnancy, I would be two weeks preggers.  Now that doesn't seem like a very pregnant person, but think about it -- nine months is really not a long time in the big picture.  In fact, there are just 255 days until the wedding.  That doesn't even sound like a lot anymore, and I think that scares me a little bit.  I mean January is just a few days away, and then we will be in the same year as the wedding.  How did that happen?  Am I going to get everything done or am I going to somehow botch this and forget something like really important? 

Yesterday I went to Staples and I bought postcards.  Now we will have something to put the church address and registry/hotel information on for the invitation inserts.  I also finalized wording on both the invitations (and response card) and the program.  I also learned that Staples can't print our invitations, so it looks like this little lady will be doing it all.  I am definitely ok with that though.  In the long run, it will still end up being less expensive than if I had custom ordered my invitations and had them printed for me.  I think I will start printing the postcards inserts and the invitations in the next few days.  I think it will make me feel a little bit accomplished.  Between now and the wedding there really isn't too much that we have to do and that rocks... or is there?  I just don't know.  

I mean here are the things that need to be accomplished:
  • Groomsmen need to get tuxes
  • Bridesmaids need to pick dresses
  • Girls weekend with the bridal party... not required, but desired :)
  • Find the freaking wedding shoes already
  • Head count for favors/vases for centerpieces to Aunt Patti
  • Ceremony music
  • Buy wedding bands
  • Address and mail invitations
  • Marriage license 
  • Seating chart :) 
  • Get Tan ... obviously a top priority for me!
I mean, clearly I am missing things that need to be on this list. But generally speaking, that is everything that needs to get done. is making sure that I am on top of things and helping to keep me on track.  So far, so good.  I mean, I have a draft seating chart if everyone RSVPs (what? don't judge me!), which I think will make my life one million times easier when the RSVPs do start rolling in.  I am on top of this... I think... we'll see...