Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Website Change?

So it occurred to me today while I was driving home that I love to blog (probably because I love to talk about myself) and that the blog website address did not really capture the real point behind the blog.  What?  You didn't know that there was actually a point behind my incessant rambling.  Hmm, that's what Brandon always says too...  Anyways, the point is to keep friends and family and of course, my loyal stalkers tuned in to what is happening in our lives; so really simplymywedding just wasn't cutting it.  

Tonight on my obscenely long and traffic filled ride home from work, I made the command decision to change the blog website from simplymywedding to fromweddingtowife because really this blog is to keep everyone updated on this going on from wedding planning to my current chaotic life in general and in less than a year (EEK!) to my life as a wife.  Realistically, life is going to go on happening after I get married.  I mean, did you honestly think my wedding was the end of anything interesting in my life...?  Don't feel bad, for awhile, I did too.  However, in the next couple of years Brandon and I will be buying a home and having kids (ok, well maybe not the next couple of years, but definitely before I am 30), and I am sure people will still be mildly addicted to hearing about what is going on in the land of Brandon & Tori.  So I encourage everyone to sit back and enjoy the ride because while it may be bumpy, it will definitely never be boring :)