Monday, November 1, 2010

November? Already?

So it's November. Where did October go? And how do we make the time slow down? The past few weeks have been very wedding related (and not just for me!). Sometims I think that at the rate things are going, it's going to be the wedding day before we know it. Yikes. I mean seriously, let's recap the last 3 weeks:

October 16th Brandon and I had our engagement pictures done. Then, Brandon and I started Pre-Cana classes on October 21. They are five consective Thursdays in a row and then we have one Saturday session on the 6th. Truth be told -- they are not really that bad. I had decided that this was essentially going to be torture… Turns out, I was wrong. The first class we were given homework: watch a movie. Bonus: they gave us wine and candy to make it a date night. Wine and Candy at Jesus class?!?!? Those are two of my favorite things, ever. Last week at class, they had wings and other snack food. This week they are making us dinner and then we are halfway done. And the weird thing is, be careful as the lightning bolt that is going to strike me down may come through the computer, I feel like I am actually learning things and that Brandon and I are actually benefiting from this. Who knew… Anyways, the movie we have to watch is called Fireproof -- I will let you know how this goes. However, I have heard some reviews for the film and I watched the trailer - it sounds like it will actually be entertaining and enjoyable. Yep, that's right. They are giving me wine, candy and a decent flick to watch. How can I be bitter about the class? Danielle and Justin just had their Pre-Cana class last weekend, an all day event which they had to take personaility tests to qualify for… and they weren't given wine. Yikes.

The Saturday after our first Pre-Cana class, Brandon and I went to SugarBakers and sampled wedding cakes. We found our bakery :) We finalized things, put a deposit down and walked away the proud decision makers. Woohooooo. We are having a beautiful, four tiered, carrot cake and raspberry amaretto cake. The bottom and top tiers are carrot cake and the middle two tiers are raspberry amaretto for those weirdos (aka Michelle) who don't eat carrot cake. The layers are separate, so while it seems like a weird combination -- you don't get both flavors. You get one or the other, don't be greedy.

Brandon and I picked out our engagement pictures. Now we are simply waiting for Cory to finalize them and then we will let people see them :) EEK! I am SO excited about them. The unedited ones were AWESOME, so I can only imagine what Cory has in store :)

Hmm… what am I missing? Oh yea, Michelle and TJ are engaged!! YAY! :)