Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Accomplished

So this weekend I was able to get more than 3 things done for the wedding. :)

1. As I blogged about on Saturday, we finalized the menu and details for the rehearsal dinner AND we ordered rehearsal dinner invitation inserts with menu choices. This is huge. I am really happy to have this done. The rehearsal dinner can basically be checked off the list. I have a few little things to check over with the church, but the dinner aspect of the evening is dunzo! :)

2. We bought stamps for the wedding RSVP cards and rehearsal dinner invitations. I figure, postage is going up next year (a whopping two cents), so getting the forever stamps is a great way to ensure that we don’t spend anything more than we should.  See – this whole getting things done way early thing is panning out!  Of course, I got more stamps than I thought we would need, but I figured that was smart because forever stamps will always be good!

3. I made 300 little blue and brown bows. “For what?” you may ask. Well, I will tell you. Once people decide on their dish for the reception, they will be either a blue ribbon or a brown ribbon. Their little ribbon will go on their seating card. This will allow to caterer to know who gets what meal. So when a table gets called, the people will take their place card, then they will be served the correct dish. I also think it will give a little flair to the seating cards.

4. I started my must-have photo list for Cory. I broke it down into 4 categories: Getting Ready, Ceremony, Post-Ceremony and Reception. I am sure that I will think of other pictures as the wedding approaches, but this gives me a head start on making the list. Also, come to think of it, I am sure this is something that I would have forgotten to do if I hadn’t done it now!

5. We ordered our parents gifts :) We got them … Yea right, like I am that stupid. I will say though, that I am REALLY pleased with how they turned out.  Waiting for the final product to arrive is going to be very difficult.  I am just hoping that I don't cave and convince Brandon they should be Christmas presents! I think it is a very unique gift and something that both sets of parents will really enjoy for years to come. So we have almost all of the bridal party gifts taken care of. I want to get a necklace or bracelet for my bridesmaids, something that unifies them, but this is proving to be a little bit harder than I have anticipated. Why am I not surprised?

So I nearly doubled my wish list of things to complete in a weekend.  I am feeling mighty accomplished.  In shoe news, I have come to terms with the fact that my perfect shoe does not exist. I have started to accept the fact that I will have to wear some kind of pump. I guess it’s better that I accept this now and start looking for a realistic shoe than to get down on myself and the fact that my dream shoe does not exist. So now I begin my search for the perfect pump. Wish me luck :)