Monday, November 8, 2010

Engagement Pictures :)

So as many of you have already seen, we have our engagement pictures!  I am so incredibly pleased with the work that Cory Brodzinski did.  He is extremely talented and he was really able to capture Brandon and me.  I am really looking forward to working with Cory for our wedding pictures, and who knows, maybe other pictures down the road... :)

When we met with Cory in October, it was SO windy!  But we were not able to let that stop the day.  We were determined to get the best pictures and even with the crazy wind, Cory did an absolutely incredible job.  I mean, anyone who can make taking pictures with Brandon tolerable deserves some kind of Nobel prize.  We started our pictures at Big Meadows...
This picture was actually not posed and rather impromptu 
Cory would unknowingly photograph us and it allowed for some really great pictures :)
We then moved into a small wooded area at the edge of the Meadow.  While I was terrified of being eaten by a bear, which wasn't unfounded since I had already seen one bear, Brandon did his best to keep me distracted.
This is one of my favorite pictures of us, ever :)
 We then moved on through the meadow to find another location for pictures before we headed to Little Stoney Man Cliffs (yes, cliffs).  We were able to get some great pictures along the way...

So then the toughest part of the day, where we actually got the best pictures, came around.  Cory wanted to take pictures at the top of Little Stoney Man Cliffs.  Now, for Brandon, this was a terrible idea.  Brandon is terrified of heights.  But Cory told him how great the pictures would be and so Brandon decided that for the good of the pictures, he would get over his fear of heights for a little while.  I could not have been more proud of him.  
What you can't exactly tell from those pictures is that right behind us the cliff ends.  If we had moved back maybe 8 feet, we would fall.  Brandon handled it pretty well.  I mean, he was scared, but he doesn't seem to show it in the pictures.  The part of the day where he was most uncomfortable, got us the best results. Overall, we had an awesome day with Cory and are so incredibly pleased with the work that he does.  In fact, Cory put together a slideshow of the pictures that he took.  (I told you he was fabulous.)

I encourage people to check out more of Cory's work.  I love him and I know that you will as well.