Friday, November 19, 2010

Dunzo with PreCana… and Other Worries

So we survived. I cannot believe it has already been five weeks (six classes). I remember the day before PreCana wondering if we were going to learn anything, if we were going to resent the class, if we would survive and still be together at the end of it (what? Brandon had the same fear). I think the class has actually helped us and made us a stronger couple. It has definitely brought to light the insecurities and worries in the both of us and forced us to address these things and open up the communication between the two of us. I am definitely happy that we got it done so early into things. I think over all it will make things easier for us. It is nice to have something so big checked off the list so early. We are not done with our Catholic duties though. We still need to meet with Msgr. Filardi and get some details ironed out (like the massive amount of paperwork that needs to be done) and we also need to take the FOCCUS test and review our responses with the Msgr. I will say that this is something that I am actually looking forward to. The almost 200 question test, maybe not; but the final result, absolutely.

In other news, the florist gave me a small anxiety attack today. One that Brandon is going to really hate (sorry babe, your little lady is going into full wedding planning mode). So Roberta (that’s my WONDERFUL florist) emailed me requesting some information – nbd. I can give her some information. What’s that? You want to know the addresses for the locations where I want you to drop off the flowers, got it – no problem… and the estimated times to drop them off? Holy crap, I need to make a timeline for the day. How have I not thought about this? Why has this not crossed my mind? I mean, yea I have a general idea of the desired flow of the day. Oh My God. I have a million things that I haven’t done. Ok, so I need to let her know times, but in order to do that I need to come up with a realistic desired timeline for the day. I need to find out about hair and make-up and who has the best prices and who is the most time efficient. I need to finalize details with the rehearsal dinner. I need to make a list of pictures that I want taken for Cory. I need to talk to my bridesmaids about dresses and who wants what. I need to talk to the church about ceremony music. I need to decide on ceremony music. I need to think about the reception menu. I need to find out about decorating the reception venue. I need to make bows for the seating cards so that the caterers know what meal they are having. I need to - Oh My God – how am I going to get everything done?!? Then I think, “snap out of it Trotter! You have 294 days until the wedding!” Reality? Is that you? Thank God you found me! …If you’re wondering, the answer is no, that so does not get Brandon out of wife-to-be wedding-planning-mode. Sorry darling – this little lady is on a roll. I am making it my goal to accomplish three wedding related things this weekend. Hmm… what do I want to get done this weekend? Bows? Rehearsal dinner menu? I will update on Monday – if not before! Wish me luck :)