Monday, October 18, 2010

hmm maybe I should update everyone...

So it would appear, by my lack of blog posts regarding wedding things, as though I have taken a hiatus from anything wedding related. I haven't really. I have been in constant search for the perfect pair of shoes (ugh) and a bakery (double ugh). And really, to be honest, I have been more focused on the whole bakery thing. I have made it my personal mission to find a bakery before I actually continue on with anything else. Stubborn of me? Duh. However, this has been a very frustrating element of the wedding. Good news though and I know I have said it before, but I think for real this time, I have found a bakery! :)

After having that conversation with Dr. Levy about wedding cake (you know, the one where he told me that in the big picture -- it didn't really matter), I talked to Brandon.  He likes carrot cake.  I like carrot cake.  The majority of people questioned like carrot cake.  How did we not think of this sooner?  I am not sure.  He was so insistent on ice cream cake I guess that we didn't think about carrot cake.  Now he is over ice cream cake and has seen the light. How did I find the bakery? Google. And like the florist, the bakery is up near Baltimore.

Here is their website: I have put a request for a consultation in and we will be tasting cakes on Saturday :) Let's cross our fingers that this one actually pans out!

Also in wedding news, this past weekend Brandon and I ventured down to Skyline Drive with Cory Brozinski for engagement pictures. It was a little windy, but overall the day was perfect. We should have pictures back in a few days and when I get them, you can be sure that I will be posting them on here. Cory is WONDERFUL! It was so much fun to work with him and he really made the entire process so easy, especially since Brandon was apprehensive and unsure of what to be doing. Here is Cory's website:  I highly encourage people to check it out.