Wednesday, September 8, 2010

working for a wedding weekend

3 days -- that's what stands between me and the weekend and right now it appears as though it will be a very wedding filled weekend and that’s a good thing. Last night I had another wedding nightmare... I know, I feel bad for me too. I still maintain that with over a year to go, I should not be having ANY wedding nightmares! I should be having only wonderful dreams about looking obscenely skinny and tan in my wedding dress… I am shallow, what did you expect?

Last night’s dream wasn’t nearly as bad as the other one. Last night I had a dream that it was the day before the wedding and Brandon and I had not sent out any of the invitations (I'm not sure how that's possible since we aleady have our DIY invitations purchased, we just have to do it ourselves) and I hadn’t made any arrangements with a florist and I had my mom running around (poor Liz) calling everyone in her phone book asking them if they were coming to the wedding. I didn’t have my nails done and I didn’t want to get married with my nails looking so ugly. My dress didn’t look like my dress and I didn’t love it. My mom was trying to calm me down, assuring me that people would come and it would be perfect, but I was not hearing any of it. I mean seriously – my nails looked horrible.

Rest assured, if this does happen (the whole forgetting to send out invites), I will not be without flowers because on Saturday Brandon and I are going to see the florist. Apparently this guy specializes in budgets and hydrangeas. How fitting because I want hydrangeas and I have a budget. So, we have an appointment with them at 11 and then we have a meeting at River City Grille at 2:30. (What’s River City Grille? Oh, it’s just the location of the rehearsal dinner. Yes, we finally found one!) So on Saturday we get to go to the hotel (yep, the rehearsal dinner is taking place in the hotel – talk about convenient!) and speak with the restaurant manager to plan some things out for the rehearsal dinner.  Just thinking about it makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something :)