Thursday, September 16, 2010

filling, flavors and icing... oh my!

So this morning I got into the shower and instead of thinking about the things I have to do to get ready for work, what pops into my head? The cake tasting scheduled for tonight… and the fact that I didn’t call the bakery on Monday and let them know the flavors Brandon and I were interested in.  Crap.  I got to work and sent Brandon the website and made him look it over.  I told him to do some thinking and to let me know his top 4 flavors; meanwhile, I wrote down my top 4 flavors. Turns out – we had some in common, this is good. Phew! Maybe this won’t be too bad after all.

I called the bakery to see what we could do.  I spoke with a wonderfully nice man. I learned about the other specialties of the bakery.  I learned all about the fillings and the icings and the flavors and how those things all go together.  I learned about ideal fillings for certain times of the year. I learned about the downfall of certain fillings with certain icing and certain flavors.  I learned that the whole cake is centered around the filling and not the flavor of the cake, and I learned that all of the work that I had forced Brandon to do was null and void. And then I rescheduled our appointment.

Ok, so we need to start by picking a filling option.  Of course we do. Well maybe if the website had said that, we would have done it that way.  Oh, you mean it’s implied on there?  Of course it is…

I asked Dr. Levy, one of the founding doctors at Shady Grove Fertility (and one of my personal favorites) what kind of cake he would have if he was getting married again.  He said he loved chocolate cake and he really also loved vanilla.  An answer that was unfortunately not very helpful to me.  But then he said something very genuine that I really need to listen to. He said “Tori, I will tell you what I always tell my wife when she is trying to decide between brown cushions and black cushions and green cushions – in the big picture, it doesn’t really matter at all.”

So… does this mean you wouldn’t pick the white chocolate mousse?