Saturday, August 14, 2010

Like it's going out of style... but seriously, it is.

So I have been wedding planning like it's going out of style.  I have been crazy productive.  I just have to find a bakery and a florist and I am basically done.  I will have all of the big stuff out of the way, anyways.  First step in getting it done, is sampling cakes, right?  Well, tomorrow I am going to sample cakes with Hadley, my mom and Michelle.  I am SO excited about it. It will be nice to get to spend some time with Hadley.  Life has been so crazy for both of us that we haven't gotten to see each other for awhile.  I am excited for my mom to be a part of wedding planning.  Now that the wedding is just over a year away, I think she is starting to realize that this thing is really going to happen.  I also think having Michelle there will make the day especially special.  I will get to have three of my favorite people with me :)

Today Katie and I did something wedding related that was actually a lot of fun.  I needed it since wedding planning and things related to the wedding have been really frustrating for me lately.  I had this vision for our entire wedding since we really started talking about getting married... ew, fine I'll admit it, since before we started talking about getting married.  I had it all figured out from the planning to the rehearsal dinner to the reception and right now, things just don't seem to be going quite how I had envisioned -- but that's life right?  Sometimes things just don't go our way -- even if it is our party and believe me, I will cry if I want to (...and then deny it vehemently to whoever accuses me of crying).  So Katie and I went to David's Bridal today and picked out a dress for the rehearsal dinner.  I had a dress that I loved in mind and had it saved to my favorite's on the website so I wanted to go see it.  Katie fell in love with the dress too.  It's perfect, what can I say?  What's that? My dress is going out of style?  Great. Do you have any more? Oh, ok.  The closest store carrying my dress is in Hampton, Virginia.  Cool, that's only three hours away.  Roadtrip?

Don't worry -- I got my dress and no, I did not make Katie drive to Hampton, Virginia.  It just took a few phone calls and waiting on hold for a year, but I got my dress.  It should be here in a couple weeks :)
my dress :)
Now we just need to figure out our budget for the rehearsal dinner so we can find a place where we can thank our wonderful family and bridal party.  I mean, we already have the gifts for everyone picked out :)  Like I said, we have a lot done.  Part of me wants to do the rehearsal dinner on Thursday and then have a welcome reception for ALL out of town guests on Friday night.  I saw on the website for the hotel something about a complimentary happy hour with the booking of at least 25 rooms.  I have a feeling that we'll need at least that many!  Seriously though, I mean, so many of our wedding guests are from out of town and, as much as we want to, we really can't include everyone in the rehearsal dinner; it's generally supposed to be for the wedding party and the immediate family of the bride and groom.  That number alone is huge and if we invite more people than that, it will be just like having a second recetion anyways.  The happy hour at the hotel would be perfect -- now I just have to hagle them and get it!  Back to the food -- the more Brandon and I have talked about it, the more we like the idea of a simple sit down dinner.  We don't want anything fancy pancy, but we like the idea of sitting down as one big happy wedding family to share a meal.  I will say -- I am still hooked on BlackFinn, but Brandon wants to shop around and sample other restaurants and I am not one to turn down date night with my future hubby :)