Sunday, August 15, 2010

It tastes like old classroom

Today Hadley, my mom and I went to look at wedding cakes and sample some flavors at Custom Cake Design in Gaithersburg.  I am really not impressed.  The prices were a little ridiculous for what they were offering, or weren't offering as the case may be.  Of the 15 flavors they had out today, we liked two.  And even with those two, we liked them, we did not love them.  I mean, I know exactly what I want in a wedding cake.  I want three simple things: buttercream, blue frosting, brown scroll.  I don't think the price should go up two levels for having those two colors.  I mean, how hard is it to really change the color of icing? Seriously?  I will come into the bakery with food coloring and I will make the damn buttercream blue.  Does that work for you?  Oh well, I have four or five other bakeries that I am going to look at.  Michelle has found two bakeries that she likes in Rockville and I am sure one of them will end up being the one.  Michelle always knows the right places.  Warning: If you go to Custom Cake Design, do not try the Mango cake.  It tastes like old classroom.

I have also decided that I liked the idea of having cupcakes and a smaller cake.  I mean, why not?  People have been doing some really cute things with cupcakes.  At first Brandon did not like that idea at all, but now he has had a change of heart.
I like the idea of the cupcakes on the side and I like the idea of the cupcakes as part of the wedding tower.  See, I'm not picky!  We could have them in a variety of flavors (if we did them ourselves).  I mean, obviously I would want to have cupcakes with both brown icing and blue icing to match my cake.  Now I just have to find someone to maybe do it.  A girl I went to college with got married last weekend and she made her own cupcakes.  I just don't know that I have the patience to make that many cupcakes.  Roz made 300 cupcakes -- I think I might go crazy after 30 and let's be honest, how helpful do we really think Brandon will be when it comes to making cupcakes?  He may surprise me.  I am just worried that if I made my own cupcakes, they would begin to taste like old classroom.