Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm on a mission from God

With one year, one month and 8 days (eek!) until the wedding, I have started my search for wedding shoes.  Why so early?  Because I am disgustingly picky.  I don't want to wear heals because I am a baby and I don't want my feet to hurt... or maybe it's because I am sane (what? you don't think I am sane?!?) and don't care how freaking cute the shoes are, I want to be comfortable.  I don't want my wedding day to be remembered by blisters.

I am on the mission from hell.  I want something that goes with my dress (duh) -- but they have to be very simple because my dress is lace.  I want something off white since my dress is off white.  I want something that is peep toe because I plan on getting a pedicure and why the hell would I not show off my pedicure in some fashion?  Besides, it's the weekend after Labor Day so it will still be nice outside and I associate peep toe shoes with nice, sunny weather.  This doesn't seem so difficult right? WRONG! Today I looked on several different websites and found nothing. I mean, NO-THING! Ugh.  Not even DSW had something I liked.  I might have to go on an in-person search.  I mean, I have to have them broken in before the wedding -- and not like broken in like "oooh, she wore those in public" broken in.

 To be even more difficult, I need to find a pair of non peep toe shoes.  Why? Because if it rains I need to have a back up pair of shoes. Duh.  What kind of question is that?  When I said this to Brandon he looked at me like I have 7 heads.  I have also given some thought to wearing brown cowboy boots because well, if Brandon can do it -- why can't I?  I almost think they would be just adorable with my dress.  I will consult Hadley and report back to you.  So here is my request, if you see off-white/champagne flats send me a picture or an email and help me out.  This picky little princess needs all the help she can get.  Oh one more thing, because I haven't been obnoxious enough, the shoes have to match the dress I plan on wearing to the rehearsal dinner.  What does my dress look like? Well, I don't know.  I haven't gotten it yet :)