Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi, I need 12 extra large boxes of Rice Krispies. Thanks.

So Brandon doesn’t love sweets. When it comes to dessert, he likes ice cream cake and Rice Krispie treats. We all know my feelings about ice cream cake at the wedding, but I had never thought about Rice Krispie treats. A girl that I work with, Brandi, had a Rice Krispie treat wedding cake and it was beautiful. I never thought I would call Rice Krispie treats beautiful, but whatever. I decided to look into this a little bit more and it turns out, this is not an uncommon thing. Who knew.

If I am going to have a Rice Krispie treat wedding cake, I might as well make it myself, right? In the long run that would probably be much less expensive than trying to find a bakery to make it. Also – what bakery is going to make a Rice Krispie wedding cake? That’s what I thought. Christina (who is one of my close friends at work) and I decided to do some research on mass production of Rice Krispie treats. For a serving size of 76, we would need (and I am not exaggerating or kidding) 57 cups of cereal, 9 and a half ten oz. packages of regular sized marshmallows (or just 38 cups of mini marshmallows) and 28.5 tablespoons of butter. Please picture my shopping cart at the grocery store. In case you were curious (obviously, you are) that’s five of the really big boxes of Rice Krispies. And I would probably need to double the recipe, and that won’t make me look crazy at all. Christina has promised that if I do make the cake we can go to the store together so people think we’re both crazy instead of people thinking I just REALLY love Rice Krispies :)