Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crowne Plaza -- now that just sounds nice.

399.  That's how many days stand between me and the wedding.  Brandon and I have really started to buckle down and knock some things off the list.  The more we can get done now, the more time before the wedding we have to dick around and be lazy bums.  Obviously, I like the idea of being a bum, laying around and getting tan before the wedding more than I like the idea of running around like a mad woman trying to do things like creating programs, getting supplies for the reception, etc.

This past week we looked at rehearsal dinner venues and tried to narrow that down some and we also looked into hotels for out of town guests.  Both tasks seemed to be fairly simple.  I will say, finding a hotel -- much easier than finding a venue for the rehearsal dinner.  I thought it would be the opposite.  I mean there are a TON of restaurants in the metropolitan area and I love to eat.  Why should this be difficult?  And while there are a lot of hotels in the area and we had a pretty solid idea of what we were looking for in a hotel: low price and a shuttle, I thought this would be a much more difficult task.  Maybe because I like eating more than I like looking for a hotel.  I called several hotels in Bethesda and I asked for pricing.  FYI: Bethesda is more expensive than I thought it was... oh well.  Brandon and I already had a plan to go to Silver Spring today and look at hotel, so screw Bethesda - Silver Spring here we come!  We drove down Georgia Ave and BOOM! there it was.  The Crowne Plaza hotel.  Hmm, could this be the one?  After walking around Silver Spring and checking out a couple other places, we went into the Crowne Plaza.  Brandon was excited to go check it out because this was his find and when the boy is good, the boy is good.  The lobby was clean, the people were friendly and other guests seemed very pleased with the pick.  What? You wouldn't talk to random strangers?  Me either, I don't talk to strangers. Brandon did it.   So, we think we have it all figured out.  We'll know Monday when they send us the formal proposal.  I will say, standing there in the hotel, talking to the sales associate, the whole wedding thing felt totally real.  Yikes.

Now we just have to figure out the rehearsal dinner.  At first we really loved the idea of a backyard BBQ.  Realistically this isn't possible because we don't have a backyard big enough and we need to have it somewhere that can handle any type of weather because if it rains, I know this house isn't big enough for (what's looking like) 50 people.  We found a couple places we like, but only one that really stuck out as possible for us.  There is a great place in Silver Spring.  The Firehouse -- it's very cute, very friendly and very us.  However, it is very without an elevator.  So, we can scratch that off the list. The Firehouse  So, really, we like one place, so far.  Blackfinn.  The food is really good (seriously -- best nachos I have EVER had) and the ambiance is perfect.  It's low key, it's inexpensive beer, it's great food, it's close to parking, it's perfect. We are still looking to see if something else comes along, but this is proving to be harder than we had anticipated.  We want to stay relatively close to the church for convenience sake, so that limits us to some extent.  We don't want to go into the city because, besides trying to stay close to the hotel and the church, we want to avoid sitting in too much traffic.  I mean, no one wants to sit in traffic to begin with, especially not our out of town guests who are not used to the DC traffic.  We also don't want a stuffy sit down dinner, it wouldn't be very Brandon and Tori if it was stuffy.  We want something carefree and fun.  We'll have to see what we can find.  I mean, as much fun as it was at the Four Seasons, we don't want to relive the Hillbilly Bone video :)