Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boys will be boys and Girls will always win.

So Friday night Brandon promised me that he would sit down and look at wedding stuff with me on Saturday.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled!  Secretly, I was doing a little happy dance -- well, maybe it was not so secretly.  I had big hopes for this wedding planning time together.  We would sit and talk about cake and flowers and music.  We would really pick a photographer.  We would fall in love again while planning gift bags.  We would get the readings picked out and I would feel as though we were one step closer to having everything done and being able to really relax.  Not that Brandon hasn't been relaxed.  Somehow he remains calm while I become a raging train wreck.  Anyways, Saturday he got up and was incredibly productive around the house.  He mowed the lawn, he played with Hank, he straightened up the room.  He was amazing...  and then he played The Show.  Saturday came and went and we did not pick the readings.  We did not accomplish anything wedding related.  Well, together we didn't.  I managed to get a few little things done -- but I'm a girl, it's expected.

This morning we woke up and I was determined to get Brandon to settle in and talk wedding.  He was on his computer looking at Real GM (I am sure everyone is shocked) and I was on mine looking at wedding stuff (shocking -- I know).  I brought up the cake and the flowers and slowing started to try to get his feelings on things.  He didn't really have feelings on the flowers or the cake.  In the middle of trying to talk to him, Brandon looked up from his computer (Oh my God! He cares!) and he said "Hey, not to interrupt any of this wedding talk or anything, but Jamey Johnson's next cd a 25 song, two disc album."  Thanks Brandon, I was actually sitting here wondering about that.  Brandon finished looking at things online and decided that since Hank was being so quiet it was time to play The Show.  What's that Bran?  You can't find the controller.  Well duh, that's because I hid it.  Now sit your ass down and let's look at the readings.  Girls rule and Boys drool. 

So now we have the readings all picked out :)  I will say my favorite part of looking at the readings with Brandon was his response to picking out the first reading.  We were looking through the little book given to us by the church called "Together for Life" and Brandon was looking at readings from the Old Testament.  He was quietly reading and I sat here just smiling (first because I WON! and second because he is so stinkin cute in the morning) and I told him which reading I really liked.  Brandon read it and then he looked up at me and smiled and (dumb me) I completely expected him to say "that's a great choice baby, I love it too" -- I must have been in fantasy land because this is what he actually said: "That's right, you came from my rib, bitch."  I don't think I could be more in love with him if I tried.