Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We've come so far... Oh wait, no we haven't.

As July comes to an end and August begins, I am reminded that we only have a little over one year until the wedding. The check lists that I once obsessed over are flashing in my mind. How did I stop doing anything wedding related? What was I thinking? Have I lost my mind?!? I have A LOT to do. Of course the big pieces are coming together nicely, if I do say so myself, but it's the little things that are driving me crazy. For example, the order of events from exiting the church to kissing my parents goodbye forever (ok fine, not forever -- maybe that was dramatic) seems to stress me out more than the idea of Brandon wearing two completely unmatching socks (and anyone who really knows me, knows that Brandon's daily sock situation makes me want to cry -- a big sock with a black logo cannot go with a small sock with no logo just because the partner for the small sock has been lost and the mate for the big sock has a hole so big that even Brandon knew it was time to throw it out).

We have booked the reception hall and we're sending in the deposit this week. We have booked the church -- however, I think it's about time for my monthly phone call to reconfirm the fact that we do, in fact, have the church booked. I almost want to have someone else call and try to reserve the church for 2:30 on our wedding day to see if they say that the church has already been reserved for the day. I am just worried that because we haven't heard anything about the marriage classes a disaster is going to happen like they don't really have my wedding booked there and I will end up having to get married in a field or something. Ew. Moving right along, I have a reminder set up in my Outlook calendar to call and make an appointment with the florist. Which means I really need to call Knights of Columbus and figure out a general floor plan and how many tables will be used, which will determine the number of centerpieces, but before they can tell me the number of tables, I need to give them a rough estimate of people -- which means I will need a rough number of guests from both sets of parents and Brandon and I have to decide who we like and we who don't like. And just like that, I don't feel like we've gotten anything done… weird.

However, we have gotten closer with the whole photography thing -- and actually closer, not just closer like I had been thinking I was in every aspect of wedding planning. We are waiting on a couple more numbers, but I think we've picked out a photographer :) His name is Cory, his work is awesome and he likes the Yankees. Fun fact: he and Brandon are from the same town in New Jersey. Talk about a small world. We have set a date for engagement pictures and we've discussed wedding details. Stay tuned because once we finalize this, I will be posting some more details about our plans (especially engagement pictures plans) and some of his work :)