Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slacker: (n) a person who shirks her work or duty

So in my last blog I noted all of the things that I had not done, all of the things that still needed to happen (ok obviously not all because then the post would be long and drawn out and obnoxious -- whatever), and a minor victory (narrowing down the photographer).  In case you were wondering (and I know all of my adoring fans are wondering), my last blog did lead me to have a minor melt down and sit in the dark (because we were on day 3 of the power outage -- don't worry I'll get there) with Brandon forcing him to talk about all of the wedding related things that were on my mind.  Poor Brandon.  In all my delirious rambling about wedding things, I did not write about all of the things that have happened in the last, oh let's go with month, since my last blog... Oh it's been longer than a month since my last post? Hmm... maybe I have been slacking more than I thought...

I quit my job at Girl Scouts. Weird.  That is something that even now that I've been in a new job for a month still sounds so crazy to me. It was time.  I was not happy. I loved the place where I worked.  I adored the people that I worked with.  But, I hated what I was doing.  Data entry was not something that I enjoyed, even if my boss rocked.  So I met with my boss, I put in my notice and then I found a new job.  I am now working at Shady Grove Fertility Centers in Rockville as a Patient Services Representative.  I went from helping people with children keep them entertained, to helping people who can't get preggers have children.  If I didn't know better, I might think that I like children.  Now I love the place where I work, I adore the people that I work with AND I love the job that I do.  It's refreshing.  It's a wonderful feeling.

Before I started my new job, Brandon and I were able to spend a week together at the beach.  It will probably be the last vacation I get to really take between now and after we get married.  Crazy to think about.  I mean, the next time I will get to spend any long amount of time away from work, especially at the beach, I will be married. Weird.  It was nice to get some down time with Brandon.  We got to take Hank out onto the beach at the crack of dawn before anyone could yell at us and tell us it wasn't allowed.  We got to spend a day with Danielle and Justin.  And we got to spend some quality time with Brandon's family.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Not to mention, I got EXTREMELY tan.  Ahhh, the beach.
-my boys on the beach-
beers with Pop :)
you gotta know, when you've got a good thing <3
Now that I have essentially recapped the last month of my life.  I will recap the last week of my life.  Sunday was a big day in the world of Tori.  Sunday I had brunch with some of the most wonderful girls I know, I met with the photographer, and Kensington lost power, something we would suffer through, for 4 days.  We had brunch at Open City in DC.  Somewhere I had not been in quite some time.  It was nice to see the girls that I used to see on nearly a daily basis.  Can I just say, there is something so wonderful about seeing friends you haven't seen in awhile and feeling like you just saw them the day before.  
.Sarah. Hadley. Nikki.
.sarah & me.
I left there thinking that I must be the luckiest girl in the world.  I went back to the apartment where Brandon and I met with a photographer option, and the meeting went really well.  I was on top of the world... and then the power went out.  Thanks for the reality check.  It wasn't too bad for Brandon and I (at first) -- mostly because we were staying at Michelle's apartment.  Thank God we decided to play House Swap on this particular weekend.  Brandon and I returned to the house on Tuesday night.  It was hot.  It was sticky.  It was foodless. Wonderful.  We managed to find a (not so) frozen pizza, which we grilled for dinner.  Yes, pizza on the grill -- don't  knock it until you try it.  It ended up being the best pizza I have ever had.  Tuesday night we did not sleep.  It was too hot to sleep. Wednesday we called Pepco.  They assured us that we would have power back by 11:30PM.... on Friday.  Wednesday night I got home from work and cleaned out the fridge and freezers -- there was not much left.  We had to throw out a disgusting amount of food.  I called Pepco again Wednesday night -- nothing had changed.  They still didn't expect power to come back before Friday night.  Ew.  Thank God Pepco was wrong.  We regained power on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  And it's a good thing that it did finally come back -- how else was I supposed to update the adoring public about my life.  Twice in one week, I might add.

Note: Please do not become accustomed to an updated blog twice in one week.  I would much rather you be excited when I do get my life together and post than disappointed at the reality that I am a giant slacker. :)